Double Chuck Drill

Double Chuck Drill

Double Chuck Drill

Our double chuck drill has two quarter-inch hex quick-release chucks. The dual chuck rotates and makes switching between a screwdriver and drill bits easier and faster. This automated drilling tool is one more example of our engineers thinking outside the box. We have revolutionized our products to bring more choice offerings in recent years.


The state-of-the-art driller design is incredibly useful. The dual chuck drill stage is angled so that one chuck is ready while the other aims downwards, near the handguard–the chuck stage locks in place for use. The protruding part above the trigger switch is pressed to unlock the chuck positions.


Features include the electronic torque control that prevents damage or excessive torque to the work surface. The electronic clutch and the control dial placement are well thought out. You get to have the traditional gear selection switch as well. You can set the torque level through the control dial found at the tool's base, close to the battery. Also fitted is a two-speed gearbox, LED work light, and reverse and forward switch.


The maximum speed is 1350 RPM, with the maximum torque being 310 in-lbs. This makes it a lightweight automatic drilling machine which is more than enough for most homeowners and the needs of a DIYer. The kit has two battery packs, a starter drill, screwdriver bits, and a soft case. The five-hour charger plus the two battery packs make it a handy tool.


The price is affordable, and customers can expect discounts and incentives such as free shopping. The rotating double chuck system makes the transition relatively simple from one setting to another. You are saved from the constant swapping between drill and bits. The chucks are meant to accommodate various hex bits.


Our integrated auto driller stands out as innovative and unique in an industry with many copycat tools. Unlike any drill seen before, it is a cordless drill that is flexible enough to effortlessly switch between driving screws and drilling pilot holes without pausing to change the bits.

Our dual chuck accepts standard quarter-inch shank bit so that they can hold one screw driving bit, one drill bit, two different screw-driving bits, or two various-sized drill bits. To switch back and forth, press the button found above the trigger and rotate the chuck 10 degrees. No need to fumble with loose bits and tighten and loosen the chuck. Just put a bit in every chuck and work.

Easy to Operate

Our automatic magnetic drill press is ideal for tight-fitting wood joints. Take a pocket-hole step drill in one chuck and the extra-long screw bit on the other chuck. You can quickly drill and drive effortlessly. The compact design ensures it is flexible to be used in confined spaces. The built-in LED work light sheds light in dark and shadowy areas and has a fully enclosed handguard. With these versatile, high-performance tools, your machinery needs are well taken care of.

Looking for a double chuck drill, look no further. Contact us today. Call our representatives today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Double Chuck Drill


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