Reach Forklift Rental Near Me

Reach Forklift Rental Near Me

Turn to Illini Reach, Inc. if you want to rent a reach forklift. We are a leading provider of rental equipment solutions. We have an extensive inventory of rental construction equipment and back up everything we do with exclusive and on-site service. We also stock telehandlers, telescopic forklifts, and material lift for additional flexibility. Our professional team will be happy to analyze your project requirements and recommend the reach forklift rentals that suit your needs.

Jobs Our Reach Forklift Rentals Can Handle

Our reach forklifts can accomplish various tasks with a range in size, attachments, and capacity. Here are different ways in which you can implement our reach forklift functions into your business:

Indoor Warehouse Movement

Our reach forklifts have been used to transport materials, load and unload supplies, and stack products from distribution centers to attached and detached warehouses. Pallets, boxes, drums, crates, and other industrial equipment are heavy beyond the lifting strength of a workplace employee. Reach forklifts were made to facilitate moving and storing heavy materials while allowing for items to be stored in out-of-reach areas.

Outdoor Use

Construction sites and home service companies all use our reach forklifts to remove trash and move material from one point to the other. Our reach forklifts can accommodate any terrain–from choppy flooring to side lifting–and let you do so in a safe manner.

Alternative Transportation

Our reach forklift can be used as a bucket or aerial lift, cranes, or platforms. So, when the jobs you have at hand require lifting materials and employees, our reach forklifts will fulfill both needs. You can use our reach forklifts to lower or raise your workplace employees to complete inventory maintenance and perform other tasks in hard-to-reach places. For safety purposes, make sure you have the OSHA safety accessories in your job site to reduce the risk for employee injury.

Cleaning Capabilities

Our reach forklift can wet or dry sweep your warehouse with a broom attachment. Need to clear or clean dirt piles? A plow attachment can be connected to the reach forklift to perform this task.

Safety Tips For Our Reach Forklift Operation

As you can see, your reach forklift rental can become a versatile tool that can address many different tasks. Before getting into the driver’s seat, you need to ensure that your operating employee:

  • Are certified and trained to drive the heavy machine.
  • Wear appropriate clothing such as luminous safety vests, hard hats, steel-toed shoes, and eye protection.
  • Perform a pre-operational inspection.

Contact Illini Reach, Inc. For Reach Forklift Rentals

Whether you need a reach forklift for a period of increased demand or you need to replace a piece of machinery that’s undergoing repair, Illini Reach, Inc. will get your rental equipment to you fast. We’re always ready 24/7 to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice.

Contact us at 630-243-1515 or call our toll-free line at 1-800-732-2490 for Reach Forklift Rental near me. We’ll connect you with the right rental equipment for your business.

Reach Forklift Rental Near Me

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