Spindle Repair

Spindle Repair

So what is involved with a spindle repair?

Disassembly/Failure Analysis
As soon as a new spindle arrives, we log it into our system to document the repair as it moves throughout our facility. Before disassembly, a visual inspection is performed, photos are taken and documented. During the disassembly process, close attention is paid to the failure mode, findings our documented along with photos. Once the disassembly and evaluation are completed, all components are polished, washed, and prepped for inspection.

All components are inspected for runout, size, flatness, squareness, and to gage specifications.

The spindle is then brought to our production manager to evaluate the diagnosis of our technician, provide further insight into the evaluation, and deliver the finalized recommendations for the spindle repair.

Delivery of Quote for Spindle Repair
Once the inspection is complete, we will deliver a final quote that includes all parts in need of rework or replacement and estimated labor involved. As soon as we receive approval to move forward with the spindle repair, we will order the necessary parts and schedule the job.

Receive Parts and Begin Repair
Upon receiving all of the required parts in need of rework or replacement, we will properly clean them in preparation for the final assembly in a cleanroom environment where one of our highly-skilled, experienced technicians will complete the repair.

Spindle Repair Time
The time to complete a spindle repair can vary depending on how much damage is involved. Emergency repairs can be completed on occasion within 24 hours, but generally, 7 to 10 business days is standard.

Finalize and Send Back to the Customer
Upon completion of the spindle repair, we will conduct a performance test to ensure everything is in working order, this includes running the spindle (Break-in) ti the maximum RPM, balancing of the unit is performed and if needed drawbar pull force is taken. After passing the test, we will paint if needed and package the spindle to be completely protected during transit then send back to the customerĀ“s location.

With MZI Precision, you will gain access to the most highly-skilled and experienced group of technicians that are 100% dedicated to delivering the best service for your spindle repair needs.

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Spindle Repair

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