Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation has never been easier or more affordable than it is today — thanks to CASI, you have access to a full line of automation solutions to meet every need and solve every challenge in your warehouse. Whether it’s a place in your line that needs additional labor or a particularly difficult issue you’ve been facing for some time, know for certain, that a CASI system can improve productivity and lower your labor costs. Feel free to reach out to us over the phone to discuss your automation needs with one of our experts.

Pros & Cons of Warehouse Automation & 5 CASI Solutions That Will Enhance Efficiency

1. Our flexible conveyor systems move your product along in an efficient manner and offer a number of key benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Low profile
  • Solve unique challenges
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable (made in the USA)
  • Require no changes to your facility’s layout
  • Move product past people and obstacles

If you have a particularly challenging spot in your line, consider one of our flexible AGILITY systems that feature adjustable heights, bend capabilities, and compact storage.

2. Need automation with sorting? CASI sortation machinery has numerous applications:

  • Bi-directional sortation
  • Overhead sweep sortation
  • Pushers and diverters

With each of our sortation solutions, easy installation is a key advantage over similar machines on the market. Take a closer look at all of our sortation options online by clicking ‘e-commerce’ and choosing ‘sortation’ from the menu.

3. Order picking is a labor-intensive task without the help of automation from CASI. Smart Carts from CASI are an innovative solution to a common problem in warehouses where order fulfillment takes place. Our carts improve pick time, lowers travel time & distance, and reduce the risk of human error. Request a free brochure to learn more about the benefits of our Smart Carts and see why it’s one of our company’s best-selling solutions.

4. Robotic palletizing & depalletizing machinery reduces heavy lifting and speeds up your shipping process like never before. Our robotic systems are not just built for heavy material handling, but they’re also able to work with any custom pallet configuration. Our name is a trusted source for automation solutions in the warehouse and e-commerce industries; count on us for the highest ROI when you’re building an automation system or improving your current layout.

5. Pharmacy automation and order fulfillment with CASI machinery ensures 100% pill count accuracy and 0% drug cross-contamination. Our unique software eliminates broken and damaged pills and automatically labels your parcels using smart robots. We can also address bagging issues you may be dealing with at the current time- let us know about the improvements you want to make in your facility and we’ll offer smart automation solutions.

For more information about CASI automation machines, make a phone call to one of our pros at 814-870-9267 or chat live with someone right now who can help. Our experts can answer important questions for you, such as:

  • What process can be automated in the warehouse?
  • How automation is useful for warehouse operation
  • What are the pros and cons of warehouse automation?

Warehouse Automation

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