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Hemp Drying

Straightforward, simple, and robust large-scale hemp drying proven to deliver a premium product.

Maximize your profits with solutions-based engineering and equipment. Our team specializes in rotary drying technology and will work with you to assess your process requirements and develop the finest equipment solution at the best value for your production needs.

Our engineers, technical personnel, and field operations team knows what it takes for successful hemp production and processing, and has the boots-on-the-ground experience to show for it. You’ll produce the minimum footprint required for maximum biomass output with simple, durable equipment and drying systems.

Large-Scale Hemp Drying

  • Delivers premium quality dried hemp for maximum CBD extraction
  • Low temperature processing maintains the maximum CBD, CBDa, and terpene concentrations in your biomass, thereby maximizing your profit
  • Proven minimum production rates of 40,000 to 60,000 pounds of green hemp biomass processed during a single, 8-hour shift
  • Product dried, sanitized, and stabilized for storage and future extraction

Simple and Robust Approach

  • Easy to operate: Straightforward yet comprehensive PLC controls with large touchscreen. Remote PLC support is also available.
  • Minimum footprint required for maximum biomass throughput. This eliminates the need for hang drying and any associated labor
  • An integrated camera is system available for operations and security monitoring, thereby reducing labor costs
  • Continuous feed system minimizes biomass handling which both protects your product and also maintains its quality

Scope of Supply

  • Custom green material hopper and in-feed system
  • Complete energy system: Biomass, natural gas, and propane options
  • Complete dryer system including energy source/burner, fans, ductwork, conveyors, and cyclones
  • Comprehensive online temperature, moisture, and control monitoring with active trends
  • Automatic combustion system control and temperature regulation
  • System start-up and operator training provided
Hemp Drying
Hemp Drying