Systems + Equipment


Heating equipment, drying systems, and complete project management to give you a competitive edge.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s manufacturers, we design, engineer, and install customized drying solutions that use the latest in advanced technology and engineering.

Cost effective and environmentally compliant, our original, patented technology and moisture content controls ensure a consistent, high-quality finished product and efficient performance.

Lumber drying and heating needs are solved with solutions that save you energy and, ultimately, money.

The PDI Difference

PDI Drying systems utilize precise airflow management and retention time controls, ensuring consistent outlet moisture.

  • Efficiency of design allows a PDI system to generate higher throughput than conventional approaches in smaller drums.
  • Our density classification allows lower fuel consumption than traditional systems and reduces the emissions created by over drying smaller materials.
  • Our unique mechanical design on the dryer outlet of the dryer lowers the horsepower required for the induced draft fan in a typical cyclone-based outlet. This approach reduces the need for secondary cyclones and allows for increased flexibility for materials segregation

Details Matter

PDI Drying Systems are engineered down to the last detail. From our T-section tracks and machined bearing mounts, to our process design, every item matters.

Our experience in maintenance and operations is key to how we design our systems and ensure optimum performance for the durability and long life your facility demands.

  • Drum tracks are single piece forged rings eliminating seams and minimizing the chance of premature failure
  • Drums run on the trunnions at the shop to a machined tolerance
  • Rotation of the dryer is designed for 1-2 RPM for long life of the equipment
  • Dampers equipped with bearings on every shaft
  • Direct drive fans with gear couplings for maximum service life
  • Shaft mounted gearboxes with c-face motors to avoid maintenance
  • Airlocks rotated at 30 RPM and sized at 15% fill factor

Drying Areas

Experience complete drying packages including installation, design, and project management for drying areas. As project managers, engineers, and drying experts we pride ourselves on safe, timely, and efficient drying system projects.

  • Highly trained and skilled construction teams
  • Crane lifting plans by certified operators and engineers
  • Detailed project scheduling
  • Construction plans by the people who designed the machinery
  • Up to 30% savings realized by clients over outsourced installations
  • Complete installations including foundations, electrical, and mechanical construction services
  • Single point of contact for all busy project managers