About Player Design Inc.

We are a global leader in solid fuel energy systems and industrial drying systems for a sustainable future.

We engineer and implement cost-effective, environmentally sustainable energy, drying, and residual waste management solutions for manufacturers around the globe.

Our team has experience designing and implementing industrial drying systems, solid fuel energy systems, providing project management services and full-scope engineering from concept to completion.

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We’ve worked with a variety of clients, including wood pellets, bakery feeds, animal bedding, food, grain, and chemicals, and we specialize in the biomass and renewable energy market. Our engineers are ambitious problem solvers with years of practical experience, always ready to take on the next challenge.

That’s because we solve manufacturing problems by approaching them from the client’s point of view instead of the standard way of thinking. By practicing reverse engineering, clients get economically beneficial and environmentally compliant equipment that works extremely efficiently and consistently, ultimately saving time and money.

Over the years, we’ve found that when leftover waste is turned into product, improvements to components are made, or there’s a shift to using renewable resources, our clients not only save time and money, but they save energy and resources as well. It’s one sure way to maximize the bottom line while minimizing impact on the environment—a win/win in our book.

All of the projects we handle use our own original, patented technology, advanced engineering from experienced engineers, and years of practical experience. This allows us to custom design and install sophisticated, high-performing energy systems and residual waste management solutions that are easy to use, built to last, and are focused on sustainability.

Our Mission

To create a more sustainable world through intelligent engineering and revolutionary equipment.

Our Values

Push Boundaries

Complacency is our enemy. We’re constantly learning, bringing in fresh perspectives and trying new ways of approaching challenges, even if that means we make mistakes along the way.

Find Solutions

We don’t shy away from a challenge. We are problem solvers with a thirst for answers who work together to produce exceptional solutions to complex problems.

Champion Eco-Industry

We lead the way in creating clean technology that enables us to make a positive impact toward sustainability today, and for tomorrow.

Deliver Excellence

From point of contact to years of use, our service and equipment continually exceed expectations.