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Sustainably and economically solving manufacturing challenges around the globe for a diverse client base.

Although we specialize in the biomass and renewable energy market, our scope of experience, engineering intellect, and ability means we have the skill and ambition to take on any manufacturing challenge with success.

Our team has experience engineering and implementing drying systems, energy systems, providing project management services and full-scope engineering from concept to completion for a variety of clients including wood pellets, bakery feeds, animal bedding, food, grain, and chemicals.

Needs vary widely from industry to industry. With years of practical experience in plant management, operations, and maintenance, we know that tailoring a solution to your unique needs is the sure-fire way to get your processing applications to optimal performance, profitability, and environmental compatibility.

Industries we
specialize in

  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing
  • Grain + Agricultural Products
  • Animal Bedding Manufacturing
  • Food + Chemical Products
  • Engineered Wood Products

Our expert engineers are ready to put their experience to work creating custom solutions to make your manufacturing more efficient, profitable, and environmentally compliant. Don’t see your specific industry on this list? Reach out to us. Chances are we can help.

Want Proof?

Visit our projects page to read recent case studies, from industrial dryer systems to a bark and wet fuel energy system. find out how we’ve helped clients in a variety of industries be successful in their operations.

Your partner in environmentally conscious, cost-effective solutions—anywhere in the world.

Who We Serve