Dry Kiln System



Gilmer, TX, USA


Two Double-track Dry Kiln Systems


150,000 BDFT of drying capacity

Want to learn how PDI can help you?

UniTemp and PDI supplied two double-track dry kiln systems for a new lumber facility in Gilmer, TX.  The kilns provide 150,000 BDFT of drying capacity. The new 25MM BTU/hr wet fuel burner from PDI provides direct heat from bark and sawdust waste produced in the sawmill operation. The kilns use UniTemp’s proven seam system, double-walled insulation, and custom roof baffles to maximize movement through the lumber packs. In addition, UniTemp’s custom venture inlets and downcomers minimize pressure losses and dead spots.  

PDI’s economical waste wood burner is capable of burning a variety of waste fuels, with varying moisture content. The burner provides a steady, stable source of clean heat to kiln.  With minimum ash carryover, the impact of direct heating is not even visible in our systems. Designed to be both economical and efficient, the waste wood burner improves the bottom line without sacrificing quality.