EPC Drying and Energy System 



St. Michel-des-Saints, QC, Canada


Rotary Drum Dryers
Waste Wood Furnace
Industrial Wood Pellets


45 MM BTU/hr

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PDI was contracted as an EPC supplier of the drying and energy system for a 200,000 MT/yr wood pellet facility in Quebec. We supplied a pair of 1465 Rotary drum dryers and 45 MM BTU/hr waste wood furnace systems to the facility. The facility processes a mix of hardwood species and manufactures pellets for the industrial wood pellet market. The operation was designed without the need for secondary pollution control devices and has cleared all testing and compliance requirements for Quebec. In addition, the facility has passed all performance metrics for quality and production for the drying system.

PDI’s dryer system allowed for mixing of various kinds of woods coming in and stable moisture coming out to the pelletizing system. The burner system allowed for the utilization of low cost wood fuel instead of using valuable feed stock.