EPC Production Plant



Greenville, SC, USA


Animal feed made from recycled industrial bakery waste


Designed at 20 tons/hr; actual rate at 23 tons/hr

Want to learn how PDI can help you?

PDI was contracted to supply a complete facility, including crushing, conveying, storage, screening, waste removal and drying equipment. PDI custom designed and supplied this machinery, which separates and dries a wide variety of bakery waste products, then screens them and produces a single finished feed product.

The PDI Rotary Drying System is designed to dry large quantities of material as efficiently as possible. The dryer at the Greenville facility can evenly dry a mix of many products to produce a quality feed. This mix can include a wide range of products, such as cereals, bread dough, frozen goods, and candies. This mixture typically has moisture content around 35%, which is brought down to 10% in the final mix, with less than 2% variation throughout the day.