Meet Matt Wagner: Project Engineer 

Matt Wagner, a project engineer in our Westbrook office is a Mainer by marriage, but we’ve welcomed him to our team with open arms. The New York native is a graduate of Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY, Matt has been with PDI for a little over three years—touching multiple projects like J.D. Irving’s Grand River Pellets in New Brunswick, where PDI supplied a 14 x 65 ft. long dryer, one of the larger dryer projects completed by PDI. For Matt, he says that being able to see where his efforts on projects go is the fun part of engineering, going from the office to the field, putting his hands on something and watching what he started on in January 2022 at his computer then be installed in late summer of 2022 to now be running full scale was incredibly rewarding.

In his diverse role, Matt wears multiple hats within a day, and he says that has helped him grow tremendously as an engineer. But his work always starts with, and continues to be focused on, making sure PDI is doing exactly what our customers need.

When not drafting initial plant layouts or construction drawings, Matt is enjoying time with his wife, Emma, walking and hiking with his dog, a five-year old lab mix, or brewing his own beer. Having started with just a basic kit homebrewing, the engineer in him took over and Matt now has “a lot of spreadsheets,” he says. “Because I am a natural engineer, I turn everything into a spreadsheet. I put in what I want the ingredients to be, and it will tell me what the ABV is, how much water is needed, flavor I need. I’ve engineered it quite a bit.”

To answer the most obvious question, of course he’s shared some of his creations with the rest of the team! Reach Matt via [email protected].