Meet Nevin Rallis: Project Engineer

For project engineer Nevin Rallis, the upward trajectory of PDI was incredibly attractive when he joined the company in October 2022. A graduate of the University of Vermont, Rallis is a Maine native, now living with his wife, Olenka, and three-year-old daughter, Lyanna, just two miles from where he grew up in Windham, Me. north of Portland and the PDI Westbrook office.

“I wasn’t purposefully looking for it, but working for a locally owned company is a good fit,” he says. When Nevin first joined PDI, he didn’t have a ton of knowledge of the wood-to-energy industry but he finds the PDI portfolio especially interesting and is aligned with the company’s vision of helping to create a sustainable future.

Having worked predominately on the Delta Biofuels bagasse pellet plant project, Nevin particularly appreciates the way we have created an outlet for something that would otherwise be trash and have turned into something useful. Helping to create PDI products, which can ultimately replace coal or use waste products that are just burned in fields is especially exciting for Nevin.

When not working on designing systems that help create a brighter future, Nevin enjoys spending time with his family and helping his daughter take up skiing like the true Mainer she is — On her first day out this season she told him to stop helping her on the magic carpet lift!