Do I have a dryer or furnace size problem? How can I tell the difference?

“For many pellet manufacturers combustion systems are the root cause of drying productivity. A dryer is typically viewed as the problem, but often the furnace is not providing enough heat. Simple measurements of the fuel going into the furnace can help a plant determine if the furnace is optimized. Once you have a clear idea of how much fuel is going in, the heat release calculations are simple to run and running burners at 150% of the manufacturer rated capacity almost never results in 50% more production. It typically results in gains, but those are not nearly worth the fuel waste, the emissions problems, or the control issues it causes. If you are operating at a dry fuel volume more than 10% of the dryer output, let us help you improve your productivity with an energy system that matches your drying system capability.”

—Director of Engineering, Michael Edgecomb

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