Preserve CBD Integrity

Revolutionizing Hemp Drying with Player Design’s Patented Method

In the rapidly evolving hemp industry, the need for advanced drying technology that preserves CBD integrity is critical. Player Design leads with its innovative hemp dryer technology, the only patented rotary dryer designed for high-volume hemp production, offering scalable solutions to maintain the highest quality of hemp biomass.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Hemp Drying:

Typical hemp dryers often compromise CBD and terpene quality due to excessive heat. For large-scale hemp producers, finding a method that balances efficient drying with cannabinoid preservation is crucial. Our patented technology addresses this gap, ensuring optimal drying without compromising the valuable compounds in hemp.

Player Design’s Advanced Drying Solution:

Our Patent Pending solution showcases a unique two-stage drying process designed specifically for hemp. This method involves low-temperature processing and a specialized rotary dryer system, effectively maintaining CBD, CBDa, and terpene levels. With this technology, large-scale operations can achieve unparalleled drying efficiency while preserving the essence of their hemp product.

Maximizing Throughput and Quality:

Player Design’s solution is engineered for high-volume hemp processing, capable of handling 40,000 to 60,000 pounds of green hemp biomass per 8-hour shift. This efficiency is coupled with a design that ensures the final product is dried, sanitized, and stabilized – ready for storage and subsequent CBD extraction.

Operational Excellence with Minimal Footprint:

Ease of operation is at the heart of our design. The system features user-friendly PLC controls, remote support, and an integrated camera system for monitoring, reducing labor costs significantly. The compact design offers maximum throughput, eliminating the need for space-intensive hang drying and ensuring a minimal operational footprint.

Comprehensive Supply and Support:

Our scope of supply includes everything from custom material hoppers to complete dryer systems with various energy options. We prioritize comprehensive monitoring and automatic control systems, ensuring consistency in the drying process. Additionally, we provide thorough start-up support and operator training, ensuring seamless integration of our technology into your existing operations.

With Player Design’s advanced hemp drying technology, large-scale hemp producers can now process their biomass with confidence, knowing they’re preserving the highest levels of CBD and terpenes. Contact us for an evaluation and estimate, and take a step towards revolutionizing your hemp drying process.