Meet Shane Marcheson: VP of Sales & Marketing 

For Shane Marcheson, joining the PDI team to lead sales and marketing efforts means ensuring people hear about the impressive work being done by the team and showcasing what a remarkable company we are. Shane helps forge new relationships and works on strategic initiatives to grow the business.

A Buffalo native and diehard Bills fan, Shane is passionate about where “clean tech” meets “hard tech”— where environmental problems are solved at scale through human ingenuity. PDI places him at the forefront, involved in biomass, sustainable fuels, biochar, and other technologies that aim to address and shorten the carbon cycle, and even remove and sequester carbon.

Outside of promoting PDI’s innovative solutions for sustainable fuels, Shane enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, assisting with science homework, and helping with baseball and music. Moreover, he loves being outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping, even in the frigid winter with single-digit temperatures.

He questions if he qualifies as cool now, despite his love for playing the guitar and piano, but remarks that he might have been close back in the day: “Now, I’m just a cliché “middle-aged dad dude”, which is actually surprisingly cool. Don’t tell 14-year-old me—that guy would have never believed it!”

To chat all things PDI, or ask for playlist suggestions, reach Shane via Shane AT