Advancing Construction at Delta Biofuel’s Turn-Key Pellet Plant

Player Design is proud to report significant progress at the Delta Biofuel construction site, with the latest phase seeing the pouring of concrete. The project now advances to the development of pilings, additional roads, and foundations. This project marks a new era in biofuel production, with Delta Biofuel turning bagasse waste into green energy.

Delta Biofuel and Player Design: Transforming the Biofuel Industry

In August 2023, Delta Biofuel, supported by Player Design’s expertise, initiated a landmark project to build an advanced bagasse drying and pelletizing facility. Player Design is the only EPC in the biomass drying space with its own operational facilities, enabling us to offer scalable and proven biomass solutions that minimize risk and optimize real-world performance.

Player Design’s Expertise in Bagasse Biofuel

Player Design brings full EPC capabilities to this ambitious project, showcasing our expertise in turn-key pellet systems and advancing biofuel technology with our unique in-house testing and analysis. We pride ourselves on listening – we listen to understand our customers’ business objectives, then turn their ideas into reality with world-class engineering and execution.

Fostering Community and Sustainability

Our collaboration with Delta Biofuel reflects a shared commitment to innovation, community, and environmental stewardship, contributing to economic growth and a sustainable future.

Anticipate Further Developments from Player Design

Stay updated with Player Design as we support Delta Biofuel in leading the biofuel industry toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

Pioneering Bagasse Drying and Pelletizing Technology at Delta Biofuel with Player Design